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Barum Chiropractic in Bull Court, Green Lanes, Barnstaple is centrally located in North Devon. So if you are searching the internet for Chiropractors in Bideford, Torrington, Ilfracombe or a Chiropractor Braunton, then we may be a convenient option for you, and we would love to be your local Chiropractor! We can provide Western/Medical Acupuncture (Myofascial Dry Needling), as a stand-alone therapy, so if you are Googling acupuncture Barnstaple or Acupuncture Bideford to treat a musculoskeletal condition such as neck and shoulder pain, headache, hip pain or lower back pain, then our Chiropractor will be delighted to try to assist you.

Parking: We are right beside of the car park entrance for Green Lanes shopping centre in Barnstaple, so there is ample parking a very short walk away. After 6p.m Queen Street car park is available not far away: EX32 8HG. Charges may not apply after 6p.m at Queen Street car park but please check.

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